Toddler Program

    Sumire Gumi (1-2 years old)


     Physical Development

    We promote their interest in experimenting and discovering indoors and out, giving them a right balance of playtime and making sure they are in a safe environment to do so. By doing this they learn to improve their gross motor skills and hand/eye coordination.


     Manipulative & Blocks

    Giving them the age approperiate toys to help in learning how their world works is essential, therefore we provide activities to stimulate their little brains and assist in learning through fun games about matching, sorting, colors and counting.


     Language & Speech

    Exposing them to Japanese speech & language through out the day and instructing in Japanese. Not only do we help assist in early literacy in English we do it as well in Japanese. Literacy materials, songs, rhyming, Japanese folklore, books, word games, Japanese educational programs and animations are used. Children develop a rich vocabulary as they are exposed to a variety of daily read-alouds and conversations which enables your child to begin building a solid foundation in language and communication.



    Writing, drawing, cutting, gluing and many other fine motor skills will be improved upon. This is an opportunity for the children to express themselves through hundreds of arts & crafts we have implemented in our daily lesson plans.



    We have large, medium and small sized groups when playing and instructing. Toddlers learn to play with friends by incorporating teamwork. We also encourage individuals to develop self-help skills and the ability to negotiate his or her environment independently.


    Cognitive Development

    Little ones will get to understand cause and effect by hands on science experiments. Problem solving skills are used in speaking another language and help with memory and number sense. We strive to make it a fun teaching environment so that they grow up to love learning!





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